Super Cheng was founded in 1982 in Kangshen, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. We have concentrated on manufacturing high quality fasteners to meet first-class standard for our world-wide customers. For the past few years, Super Cheng have developed a broader fasteners category to expand our product line, including threaded rods, bolts and socket head cap screw. Our production line has developed to auto parts and other OEM parts. Currently, over 90% of Super Cheng's sales is focus on North America and European market. 

Super Cheng have upgraded our management system and facility to provide excellent service and quality products to customers. Located in Benchou Industrial Park, Super Cheng's HQ is the main manufacturing facility and AS/RS distribution center. With a 5,000 MT/month production capacity,  our HQ AS/RS warehouse will storage up to 10,000 MT of finished and semi-finished products. Super Cheng is certified supplier with ISO 9001-2015 and ISO/TS16949. Our QC/QA lab is A2LA and TAF accredited to ensure our products are delivered with highest quality. 



  • 1982
    Super Cheng  was founded in Kangshen, Kaohsiung city, Taiwan. 
  • 1993
    International sales department starts to accept orders from North America, Europe, and Australia. 


  • 1995
    BenChou  wire processing factory was completed with 30,000 tons of raw material inventory and wire drawing processing line.  
  • 1997
    The A2LA accredited lab was set up to provide better quality control.
  • 1998
    Implement ISO9001 quality control system and earn ISO9001-1994 certification.


  • 2000
    Implement complete ERP management system to improve accuracy and efficiency of each department and procedure. 
  • 2005
    Acquire 250,000 square feet of land in BenChou Industrial Park to build the new headquarter and manufacturing facility. 

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  • 2008
    Benefit from new  productions facility and automation warehousing, Super Cheng raised its monthly capacity to 5,000 tons/month. 
  • 2010
    Super Cheng's automation tooling warehouse kicks off its first inventory. This new warehouse storage up to 500 sets of different dies and tools.


  • 2012
    Super Cheng has added bolt and screw products into its production line after 30 years of profession in steel nuts. 
  • 2014
    Adding stainless steel products into production and wider the product range to provide one-stop-shopping capability to customers. 



  • 2017
    For high quality control standard and great demand on products, Super Cheng built a full range nylon ring production line to supply its own nylon ring and plastic products.
  • 2018
    Super Cheng advanced its production capability by adding CNC machines to high customized procedures.   


  • 2019
    The wire drawing factory is going to be redesigned as new production plant for customized precision products.